Monday 18 July 2005

Winter Wickedness Party

Karen + Jen threw a fabulous party with the theme of Winter Wickedness. There isn't much else to do in Canberra in winter so we have far too much time to put in to getting our costumes just perfect.

Grrrrrr arggh! An orc

Dean with the girls

Vamps and other pale people

The devils

Us and others

Wicked Jimmy

Jen preparing before the party

Mal as a snowman. He was the only person who came dressed for the winter theme

Jen and Sam

Hannibal with his chianti and fava beans. He scared the crap out of people all night

Karen is a wicked Japanese school girl

Evil Queen

Cass the werewolf princess with Hannibal Lecter

The most wicked profession on earth

The most evil man on earth - played by Peter

Scott Evil

Wicked Witches

Scott the Devil, Peter Bush Jnr and Tracey Cat