Monday 19 May 2008

Chocolate Coat Everything

Today I had a sick day after discovering the hard way that I am sensitive to local anesthetic. The whole thing was very Pulp Fiction with injections, adrenaline and shaking. No dancing, unfortunately. As you do in recovery, I decided to coat stuff in chocolate. Here is how that went...

The ingredients

A double boiler

Bits of chocolate

I'm melting! I'm melting!

Grease proof paper to put the chocolate coated things on

Nicely melted milk chocolate

Dip the fruit in chocolate

The haul

Eat now


Sanson Lowe said...

you could have heated up your favourite liqueur to burn off the alcohol and mixed it in with your chocolate. Cointreau.....yummmmmm

Damana Madden said...

Good idea. Next time and with dark chocolate.