Saturday 18 June 2011


Over time and through desperate need, I have learnt to ask for help from people. In time, I have had the ability to give that back... in part. It is humbling each time. It is humiliating sometimes. It is more often than not, quite freeing.

Now there is something that I want to ask but I have not learnt how or when to do it. It often results in huge explosions from me and I shut everything down.

More than anything right now, I want people to leave me alone. Not fix things. Not give advice. Not probe me for insights in to life or pain or the pursuit of happiness. Not for help with some technical issue.

Lightness. Humour. Happiness. Superficiality. These are all fine.

Anything beyond that and I simply can't aid with it. Hopefully this will change but right this instant, I will not be around for the whims of others.

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