Saturday, 24 February 2007

Swan Lake & Coombes Sisters

Karen and Jen came up for the weekend of the 23 & 24th of Feb to see Damien Rice on Friday night at the Enmore Theatre. The four of us (Karen, Jen, Giles & I) saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday night. That was my first ballet experience and I loved it!

The curtain screen for Swan Lake at the Capitol Theatre

Before Swan Lake, we visited the very good cocktail bar at Lo Studio in Surry Hills. George + Helen introduced us to this bar and it's restaurant (note order of priority).

The lights above our lounge in the Lo Studio bar (photo by KC)

The lights taken with the flash on (photo by KC)

Jen + I enjoying our second cocktail for the evening

On Sunday, we visited the Lindt Chocolate Cafe. The service was slow, they weren't serving non-chocolate food and we were starving so we left in search of food in Pitt Street, without having any chocolate. It was a rainy day and something was trying to prevent us from eating chocolate but we prevailed with a visit to the Haigh chocolate shop in the Strand before rushing home for Karen + Jen to catch the bus home to Canberra.
Karen + Jen at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe

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