Tuesday 29 July 2008

Bondi to Clovelly

Last Sunday, Giles + I joined a few friends for lunch at NBIF followed by our first attempt at the Bondi to Coogee walk. I say attempt because we got to Clovelly and stopped for break and didn't not continue. I blame the pope and his posse but it could have just been that Clovelly was a beautiful place to end a walk. It has the least impressive beach of all the ones we passed but the view is lovely.

This is a coastal walk that meanders along the seaside down to Coogee. It was a cold day but the forcing yourself up and down the stairs makes you warm up quickly. G was kind enough to take some photos and let me share them with you.

Me @ North Bondi Beach watching the crazy people swimming in the cold water

Bondi from the south side

3/4 of the walkers

Clovelly Cometary

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Anonymous Comments

I am no longer allowing anonymous comments on this blog. You will require a google id to post a comment. Own up or go away. Cheers :)

North Bondi Italian Food

In the early noughties, G + I spent a far too brief five weeks eating our way around Italy. We Australians pride ourselves on our access to fresh produce and the Mediterranean influenced food resulting from the influx of immigrants in the 50s for the Snowy River Dam project. Eating in Italy brought us a different flavor of Italian food that we are only now starting to see appear in Sydney restaurants. North Bondi Italian Food is one of those very places, right here in Sydney.

Binky suggested this as the perfect place to fuel up before walking the Bondi to Clovelly seaside walk. If carbs were what we needed then she was certainly right.

Between the four of us we tried a good portion of the menu, including:
  • warm mortadella ($16);
  • mixed olives with sage and chilli ($9);
  • zucchini, asparagus, peas, beans, mint, waxy potatoes and air dried ricotta ($17);
  • pappardelle, pork, veal ragu 'Marchiagiano' style ($27);
  • spaghetti arrabbiata, crab, cooked in a paper bag ($28); <-- my very good choice
  • la tagliata, chargrilled hereford/angus ribeye, rocket, green peppercorns, chilli, spring onions ($29);
  • a delicious mussels dish that I simply can't find on the menu; and
  • a dessert of 'Dolce della nonna' chocolate gelato, masala(~$14).
The dessert and vegetable dish were average but the rest of the food was delicious. The pasta servings are huge and I can't recommend the spaghetti arrabbiata highly enough. You could easily share that and the endless supplies of bread among a couple for lunch and you'd not be left hungry. Bottles of olive oil on the table are a nice touch and solve that annoying habit the bowl of oil has of running out when there is an excess of bread around. No more waiting for the waiter to refill them.

The view out the window of North Bondi Beach is uninterrupted, which makes you feel pampered and special as you sit there eating and people watching. Be warned, the place gets busy early. We arrived 20 mins before it opened and were 10th in line. With the popularity and the hard surfaces, you get the typical deafening venue that is authentically Italian (at least in this country). They could use more staff too but as a full package, this is the best Italian in Sydney and I'll stand by that recommendation.


Walk the Line

For a long time in Australia, the only way to get walking directions was to use the Sensis owned site whereis.com. If you have ever had to endure it's interface then you will understand why I've given up and chosen to use my own navigational skills. If you know about my somewhat lacking navigational skills then you will understand the desperation I was feeling.

There is no longer a need to complain. Dr. Evil has finally got walking directions for their maps and they are pretty good.

To find walking directions using Google Maps:
  1. Go to Google Maps;
  2. Click on the Get Directions tab;
  3. Enter the Start Address and End Address;
  4. Click Search;
  5. When the directions and map appear, click Walking in Directions: By car - Walking;
If you only see Directions: By car, append &dirflg=w to the website address and try again.

Here is one I prepared earlier for the easy walk from Town Hall Station to my work...