Thursday, 7 February 2008

So Aus-tray-arn

Last year I spent Australia Day recovering from dehydration and drunkenness caused by the massively fun Big Day Out 2007. Because of that, I had no idea that Invasion Day was such a big deal in this city. They go all out with ferry races, events in every park in the city - Hyde Park, The Domain and anywhere else with grass.

G + I spent the day exploring what people are calling Australian food these days. After trying salt and peppered corn on the cob, passing on chocolate coated strawberries and avoiding Turkish crepes kebabs at that time of the morning, we settled on the classic mostly warm meat pie and a skinny latte each.

We ate sitting on the grass listening to a cheaper version of the Wiggles on stage in the park, while a plane wrote SORRY across the sky. If there was any day to apologise, that was it.

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