Sunday, 16 March 2008

Table for 20

Last night's dinner felt like having 40 friends over to hang out in a funky Surry Hills apartment, eating good food and drinking wine that we all brought. What it actually was - dinner at Table for 20 on Campbell Street.

It's an original and odd little restaurant with the idea behind it being to make Sydney a little less cold by sitting a bunch of 2010ers around two long tables for 20 (so 40 total) with a set 3 course meal and a guy playing a guitar in the corner. You share food from the same plates and break bread together. It works fabulously.

If you can find it, be sure to try it. Make sure you txt the owner to let him know you'll be there by 5pm on the day you want to go so he'll make enough food for you. Dinner is served at 8pm. Try the fabulous Sticky Bar upstairs which specialises in sticky wines and comfy couches.

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