Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Walk the Line

For a long time in Australia, the only way to get walking directions was to use the Sensis owned site If you have ever had to endure it's interface then you will understand why I've given up and chosen to use my own navigational skills. If you know about my somewhat lacking navigational skills then you will understand the desperation I was feeling.

There is no longer a need to complain. Dr. Evil has finally got walking directions for their maps and they are pretty good.

To find walking directions using Google Maps:
  1. Go to Google Maps;
  2. Click on the Get Directions tab;
  3. Enter the Start Address and End Address;
  4. Click Search;
  5. When the directions and map appear, click Walking in Directions: By car - Walking;
If you only see Directions: By car, append &dirflg=w to the website address and try again.

Here is one I prepared earlier for the easy walk from Town Hall Station to my work...


Nobodyspecial said...

I use whereis all the time for directions and find it really easy. I don't get what's so painful?

Mana said...

Be careful not to like something just because it's what you use and you don't want to feel wrong.

Nobodyspecial said...

No, nothing like that. I've used both sites but whereis is still my preference and a big reason for that is because it's so easy to use. I'm curious as to why you find it so hard to use?

Mana said...

One thing I find frustrating and why I prefer google maps is the fact that whereis doesn't let me enter the name of a building or landmark. Say I want to go from Town Hall to Milsons Point in Sydney. That's really hard to do with the whereis site. It keeps telling me that Town Hall is in Aubury. Argh! :(

Maps makes that soooo easy.