Friday, 18 September 2009

How do I repair it?

Lately, I've been finding out exactly what it means to make decisions for myself. I've been uncompromising and driven by the idea that what I decide affects me and therefore is all about me.

Slight flaw there: "My" decisions have been slaying friends here and there. It's like those scenes in old Dr Livingston movies where the man with the funny round hat is slashing through the jungle with a machete.

It's as if I have gone from one extreme to the other and in the process lost all that I gained. There must be some compromise. I can change the way I make decisions from now on and consider all the consequences. The future can be different.

What I wonder now is how and if I can fix those things that have been damaged. Are words like "sorry" enough or do I need actions to negate the harm? I honestly don't know.


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