Monday, 1 February 2010

Who are you?

Hello readers,

I know that I have about 30 subscribers via google to my RSS feed, for this blog.

I get around 1000 unique pages views a month. A lot of that traffic comes from my geek blog.

You know me and know I'll always write what I think but would still like to know who the audience of this blog is. Unlike my geek blog, this is not targeted or themed.

Please comment and let me know who you are. If you wish you remain anonymous, that is ok.

Thank you.

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Claudia said...

yo its me Claudz. I read every now and then when you pop links onto twitter about your new blog post ;)

I'm not stalking!! promise!

Alice said...

I read! And I'm one of your Google Reader subscribers.

AAC said...

This is Allison. I come over and read whatever I've missed whenever you remind me on twitter. Kind of like Claudia.

I'm a lurker.

Lurk, lurk.

Alison said...

I'm an rss subscriber, occasional twitter link clicker and all round geeky girl who reads more than she comments on.

David Keaveny said...

This lurker steps up to the plate to reveal his true identity. Keep posting, it's good to know that you are doing OK in Darwin!

SerengetiSunset said...

I come by here randomly, sometimes through Twitter, sometimes when I'm just thinking of you. I've read every single post, from the beginning. I always find you express yourself so well through your writing. And now that you are in Darwin, this blog makes me feel that a little bit of you is here still.

Jewel said...

I look when you post links on twitter :)

saz said...

It's Sara here, I read your blog when I stumble across links to it on facebook

Suzi Edwards said...

Reading this is my lightweight way of checking up on you :-)