Friday, 21 September 2007

7 Dishes for 7 People

On Friday night, we went out to Chinta Ria with some FDers, ex-FDers and their partners for DK's birthday. We ordered a dish each (NO CHICKEN! Thank goodness) and spent quite a few hours eating, drinking and talking. I shared that hilarious pun "a dyslexic man walks in to a bra" and then had to explain it. All in all it was a fun filled night. Next time I'm going to try the deep fried banana dessert.

Here are the pretending-to-be-candid photos from the night...

Irene + Mei pretending to be deep in conversation

Mei + Rock were actually eating here so it's genuine

Wait, David + Emily were actually deep in non-candid conversation

Giles + I genuinely point out a bird, no a plane, no spiderpig!

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