Friday, 28 September 2007

You looking at me?! You looking at me?!

Sydney taxi drivers are a diverse bunch and each one is a "character" (not wanting to use more descriptive words).

This morning I took a cab from Oxford Street to Woolloomooloo and spent a disturbing 7 minutes in a car with someone who I would describe as "having issues". It started when he asked what I do and I told him I am in IT. He asked what part and I told him I am a programmer - I write code. He said he had a book on it and couldn't understand a f***ing thing about Visual Basic and it wasn't very basic. Before I could respond he started yelling about not wanting to work for anyone and being his own boss and that he had "personal issues" (his words, not mine). For at least 90% of the trip he yelled and banged his fists and said that he wouldn't be under the control of another human being and work for them. "No way!" he shouted repeatedly.

Then his voice was Hannibal Lecter calm and he asked "What do you think?". Luckily, we had arrived at our destination and I paid him and jumped out of the car with a quick "have a nice day" and a silent undertone of "please don't kill me".

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