Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to everyone!

We spent NYE at Milson's Point looking up at the bridge, across to the city and over to a barge. Thankfully we chose to sit inside the fenced off area with the sedate family types and away from the drunk 15 year olds. On leaving we did manage to witness a hair-pulling fight between two girls. G described it like two stags locking antlers and twisting. It was hilarious and soooo classy.

It took 90 mins to get to the train station. When I worked there, it usually took less than 3 minutes. Personal space was non-existent and this was the first time I thought I'd be trampled to death. It was an experience :)

The first day of 2008 is also my last day of leave so I'm back on the beach tomorrow for 3 days, if all goes well. This year is starting well and will be a fabulous one.

I want to catch up with everyone more often this year. I promise I will.

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Irene said...

hi mana,

Happy New Year!
how was the fireworks from milsons point?
i went to pyrmont park, just behind FD office. I bet the view from Milsons point is much nicer ! :)
Anyway, just want to say hi and wish you a good year ahead :) :)