Monday, 7 January 2008

There Are No Clean Getaways

There Are No Clean Getaways: the tagline for the new Cohen brother's movie No Country for Old Men easily applies to the other movie I saw on the weekend, I Am Legend. Both were very good movies.


I Am Legend

I Am Legend is another incredibly entertaining Will Smith movie. If he hadn't done Men In Black + Independence Day, that might not sound like such a bad thing. It's very 28 Days Later but without the spring loaded cats. In all honesty, they are all copies of Day of the Triffids so stop the complaining. There are layers to this movie that I did not anticipate. It left me lying awake thinking until late in to the night after watching it. Well worth the trip to see it on the big screen.


No Country for Old Men

[Begin spoilers]

The Cowen brother's movie is based on a book by Pulitzer Prize winner Cormac McCarthy. It is set in the open, dry expanse that lies at the US-Mexican border and follows a man who discovers a case full of money, lots of drugs and a circle of dead drug dealers. Of course he takes the money and spends the rest of the movie being tracked down by the biggest psychopath since Hannibal Lecter. There is a lot of death as a result of every kind of weapon imaginable, including a cattle gun.

It's about fate and chance. The psychopath Anton Chigurh is a great personification of Death. He drives a car with a horse on it's bonnet, flips a coin to decide the fate of some of his victims and follows the rules as set down by the empty space that is usually occupied by most peoples conscience.

[End spoilers]

If all the paths you choose bring you to watch this movie, then are meant to be there.

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