Sunday 6 April 2008

Feeding and Not Feeding

G + I took our time to meander through Surry Hills on the way to the Bourke Street Bakery. On our travels, we passed the Surry Hills Markets which are held on the first Saturday of each month in the park near the Clock. It was a sunny Sydney day.

There was a chubby Labrador with a sign on his collar saying "Please do not feed me". He waited for us to feed him our spoils from a visit to the bakery but we chose to obey his sign. He tried a couple of other passers by but seemed rather unsuccessful. Poor doggy.

"Please do not feed me"

Me on Bourke Street, Surry Hills

What's with all the shoes on power lines

1 comment:

SerengetiSunset said...

Don't you know about shoes hanging? It means in the house behind the hanging shoes lives a drug dealer - or so I've heard. Not sure how good my sources are though...