Friday 4 April 2008

Manamana do do da do do

The posts have been few and far between due to the painful fact that I'm working harder than I have ever worked in my entire life. It's not hard work but it's challenging and although I whinge, the challenge is what I love.

Lately, things have been good. I've made lots of new friends at ThoughtWorks. It probably has to do with the 5 month mark in any job where you know your place and are aware of whether you'll like the job or not. This job is a keeper, at least for the limit of my attention span. People there seem to have accepted me although there are a few who are keeping their distance.

Life is going well. After exploring a few geeky user groups, I have decided to go along to a few more. Some groups are pretty damn nerdy but there are good things enough to counter that.

The old FD gang have faded a little after a peak including cupcakes. I hope we'll get back to our usual cuddly selves. Yay for Fairfax and the effectiveness of Earth Hour! Kudos to them.

The kitties are awesome and healthy. Sleeping lots and enjoying the cold weather although the sunshine is drying up and they will miss that.

Biggest triumph is getting Rob Pike who wrote my favourite book on Unix, to turn up and support Girl Geek Dinners Sydney.

Lots more coming up once I slow down with the work in early June. Lots of friends have visited and are visiting so more fun to come. Stay tuned!


David Keaveny said...

Well us jaded FD types can get the ball rolling again on Tuesday before I head off to Europe for a touch, and then once I'm back, we can crank up the pool heating and break in the new deck furniture that Mei was so keen to see :-)

Damana Madden said...

It's a date! I'll see you and Mei then. Damn than Sanson! When will he make time for us again?

Unknown said...

Indeed, a pool party surely will lure Sanon in! Cannot wait to see your new deck funiture,that day bed is so awesome!! Please do post some photos while you are on the trip :)