Monday, 30 June 2008

Cradle Mountain Lodge

Our first trip to Tasmania was as enjoyable and beautiful as we had imagined it would be. After a scenic drive from Launceston, we were greeted with snow on our arrival at Cradle Mountain Lodge. Our cabin had a cosy fire that crackled away and warmed us through our entire 3 night visit. There were no mobile phones or computers. The break from every day life was relaxing and recharging (even if I did have a cold that whole time).

Giles taking a photo of me outside the topiary town of Railton

A man on a bike in Railton

Giles taking photos of the snow, in the snow

Warming my toes after the snow

Ceiling fan in our room

Firewood in our cabin

The tavern fire

The Angel Giles in the Highland Restaurant

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