Sunday, 17 January 2010

Take a chance

Not surprisingly, people come to me these days to talk about how sucky love is.

The thing is that it does actually surprise me when it happens. This is because I do not think that, about love and relationships. Yes, my major life relationship was a Hiroshima level tragedy. Kafka could not have written it better. This doesn't mean that I think love is a bad thing with a predictable disastrous outcome.

The truth is that although I have been torched, my feelings are that life is wonderful. People are wonderful. Love is wonderful.

Personally, I won't go near the damn thing until I am happy with who I am and at peace in my life. You have to be happy about yourself before anyone else can share your life. When I'm in a better place, I'll take a chance again.

You should too. There are too many positive things about good friendships that mean you should try again, even if you may get heartbroken for a while.

Just don't date my ex. He's a bastard :)

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