Monday, 28 June 2010

Bling - The Shop

We have set up shop at the Fantasia Indoor Markets in Yarrawonga. The weekend was insane, in a good way. Customers loved the unique fashion jewelry and adored the hand crafted Papua New Guinean gold and silver pieces. We made a LOT of sales and had repeat customers over just the two days we were open.

Here are some photos from the opening day, taken while setting up...

The shop standing completely empty. We have an ottoman now

Katrina setting up the PNG jewelry in a secure cabinet

A shot of the open shelves with the less expensive fashion jewelry

A glass cabinet holding the more high end pieces. We were opening and closing this all day

The solid pieces and pearls are locked away in here. It was nearly empty by the end of the weekend

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AAC said...

It looks really great, love the signage, especially in the shelves. Glad it is going well.