Thursday, 17 June 2010

Old Endings

All my possessions that have been in storage for six months since I moved up to Darwin, are coming out today. It feels a bit like the beginning of the Blue Brothers movie.

"We're getting the band back together."

For the next month, I have to sift through everything that was once mine and my ex-husbands and sell or donate it all. Amazingly, I have not missed a single thing except the juicer that Rob gave me for my last birthday. It is a revelation to see how little things mean to you when they are missing. They are just inanimate objects that are replaceable or easily forgotten.

It is a freeing feeling.

I bought two heavy duty insanely secure padlocks for the self-storage lockup and am awaiting the delivery guys as I type this blog post. There are butterflies in my stomach at the thought of facing it all again. Facing it alone.

It will all be fine. It will be a busy month of reacquaintence and disposal. Expect many oohs and ahhs as I go through the lucky dip of stuff that I already own but totally forgot about.

Wish me luck.

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Loquacity said...


In some ways, the time I spent going through our possessions before my ex-husband and I sold our house, was the most therapeutic. We hired a big skip, and threw most of our married life into it. All the arguments, all the fights, all the bad stuff went to landfill. I was left with the memories of happier times.

All the best!