Thursday, 13 January 2011

And Another Year Begins

One thing I dislike more than the spam on the Internet, is people who write blog posts apologising for not posting anything in the last few weeks/months/years. If you are out living life and don't have time for the blog then I say come back when you are good and ready and share what you have to share. Blogs are like diaries to me: You write in them when you need to put the thoughts in your head in to words... making them form in to real ideas... freeing them from bouncing about your skull.

My friend Linda says it best - "Never complain. Never explain."

Every year starts with intentions and resolutions. Mine is always to be taller and this seems to justify my shoe habit. As for the rest of the stuff, I say keep doing what I'm doing if all is well and try to learn stuff along the way. That works for me.

Never complain. Never explain.

I arrived back in Sydney yesterday. It was an interesting day. Today has been very good. Decisions made and good plans laid. Life moves on in a positive direction and I keep learning stuff (sometimes in the hardest way possible).

It's time to get back in to Sydney and the mania that I so adore. Seeing friends. Getting slizzard. Eating great food. Kissing all the wrong men. Being happy.

Keep up and take no prisoners.

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