Friday, 18 May 2012


There is so much power in belief. I won't rant about religion or faith or passion. You've heard all that.

I will tell you about the power that comes with life and lesson and learning.

We are all here. That's it. There may be no meaning. There may be no purpose. There may be no script.

There is however, honouring yourself. Living a life that is a tribute to the essence of who you are.

Growing up and maturing is realising that you have to be who you are supposed to be. Your meaning. Your presence. Your reason. It comes from a different place with every person.

Nobody can decide what that is for you. No one can set your path. It isn't written. It isn't predetermined. It isn't chosen or walked or lived or decided. It is what you choose. What is right for you.

Someone can love you and not get that. Someone can adore you and not get that. Someone can give you everything and not get that.

There is responsibility. There is responsibility. There is.

Don't hurt others. There is no need. You can find ways to be who you are without hurting others.

There are ways to be a good person. Be loving. Gentle. Kind. Even a little broken. All. All, without hurting someone else.


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