Thursday, 21 September 2006

Family Before the Wedding

The family arrived on the bus and in their cars before the wedding and drank and ate with our friends. I wasn't there but was told that it was quite relaxed. The weather was perfect and the location was paradise.

Giles on the way to Silky Oaks after getting ready at Tim's place

Giles talking to his Dad

Vicky filming with Tristram's video camera. She's actually shooting Tristram

Julian putting a big greasy smudgy thumb print on Giles' camera

The father of the bride

Annabel, Taylor, Dave, Alan and Janet

Those smart boys who married those Madden girls

Geoff (Giles' Dad) and Col (my Dad) looking at something

Julian smiling

Alan, Taylor, Trina and Janet chat

The celebrant Rosina Santa Rossa, the groom and the best man wonder where the bride is

Geoff (Giles' Dad), Col (my Dad) and my Uncle Bob waiting for the ceremony to start

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