Thursday, 21 September 2006

Friends After the Wedding

Everybody has a Kylie in their life. Us geeks do anyway. She's the one that likes you for who you are, even if you aren't the person you are going to be yet. She taught me to drink coffee, "do brunch", wonder what my dream super-power would be and to get out there and enjoy life. Kylie introduced me to the "girl crush", vegetarian bacon (facon - pronounced fake-en tm) and why DIMIA (at the time) were a bunch of fascist, incompetent, right-wing Nazi jerks with too much power over peoples lives (6 years before Vivian Alvarez Solon). If you haven't met your Kylie yet, go out there and find her! She'll be the person in the centre of the room holding the attention of every boy and girl in room - all of them with crushes on her.

Kylie congratulating me

The bridal party standing in order of height

Janet, Giles, myself + Alan

Bianca with Giles + I

No matter how hard you try, sometimes your wedding guests act like wandering cattle.

Organising the guests

Bianca + Bek

Kyie + Tim

The manicurist who did my nails for my wedding day suggested a cute flower on my left hand ring finger, to ensure he put the ring on the right hand and finger.

Our wedding rings

My bridesmaid and best friend, Bek

Adam + Giles looking at an uninvited turtle :o)

People who will travel thousands of miles to attend an important party of yours, are your friends forever (BFFs). I guess friends help you move but real friends help you move bodies.

Tim, Kylie + Bianca

Janet, Alan and Rebekah are three of my oldest and dearest friends. You know that someone qualifies for that massive over-statement when you can LIST the things they contributed to your life and the things they taught you. Janet was the first female professional I worked with. She mentored me when I was a graduate fresh out of university. Despite her angelic appearance, she told me how Machiavellian the public service was and how to deal with it. She taught me how to stay a girl, no matter how many boys I had to work with in IT or the world. She's glamorous, intelligent and kind. When I was 22 years old, I wanted to be like Janet... I'm 30 now and... I still want to be like Janet.

Alan, Janet + Bek

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