Thursday, 21 September 2006

The Reception

After the wedding ceremony, the guests walked up the stairs to the reception venue in the rainforest canopy. It was about 5:30 in the evening and the sun was setting in that slow, romantic tropical way.

Dave + Julian climb the stairs to the reception - the first to arrive

The food was not supposed to come out until 6PM so the guests mingled and drank a lot of champagne. In Tim's case, he sat and contemplated for a while. I think the earlier part of the day was a little bit stressful for him.

Tim chills

We had the seafood extravaganza. The menu had everyone talking.

Mum + Dad discuss the menu

Giles + I discuss the menu

We had four tables of guests at the reception. One table for the Maddens, one for the Alexander family, one for the bridal party and the final table for our friends.

Adam + Kylie at the "Friends" table

Vicky in pink

I made sure my mother was fully aware of how much seafood she had to consume over the next four hours of dinner. There were two vegetarians who got a set menu but everyone, including them, ate from the seafood buffet. There were steaks and chicken for non-seafood eaters.
Uncle Bob, myself + Mum

Taylor + Katrina at the family table

Geoff + Dave examine the menu at the Alexander family table

The food

Tristram insisted that he take silly photos of the bride + bridesmaid and the groom + best man. There were many silly photos taken. These are the ones that were not too silly and ok for people to see.

The boys

More crazy boys

The ladies

Give us a kiss

Giles + I actually got to talk to everyone and shares some lovely moments that will mean a lot to us forever.

Bianca + Giles get to talk

I stand with Mum + Trina while they set up the gift table

Uncle Bob, Annabel and Tristram serve themselves some food

Environmentalist Dave recycles the crayfish antennas as a costume for Cray-Dave

Everybody say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Giles and I spent many dance lessons learning to do the bridal tango, instead of a bridal waltz. Our wedding instructor told us that people always choose to do a bridal rumba to "be different to everyone else" but these days that's what everyone does. It's rare to do a bridal waltz and even more so to do a tango. We loved out tango.

The bridal tango

Tim + his fan

The dance floor

Rebekah say outside on the grass after the ceremony and finally relaxed

The photographer

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