Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More than meets the eye

Joe (a guy at work) and I are the biggest Transformers fans in the whole wide bCode, if not the world. He bought Optimus Prime from ebay and brought him to work so that I'd stop asking him to bring the toy to work. It took me a while but I got him transformed, except for his head popping up.

It was kinda sad that all the guys around me kept telling me to give it to them and asking why it was taking me so long. That whole testosterone stupidity always confuses me, no matter how long I work with blokes. They also don't even truly care about OP and probably wouldn't prefer him as Prime Minister as Joe and I would.

Either way, with the mean remarks or not, I had lots of fun so thanks Joe!!!

Partially transformed so you can see his legs on a truck

Fully transformed with Joe's help

Me + OP

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mei said...

This is awesome!! I wanna play it