Monday, 9 May 2011

Walk a day in my shoes

People - both men and women- keep asking me how I walk in high heeled shoes.

I do my best not to look at them like they are really dumb and asking me how humans evolved to walk and thus free their hands for tool making and fondling each other.

There is one answer... I put my feet in and walk.

There are several tips...
  1. When you walk, put weight on to (not in to) the heel as you would with a normal step. Tip toeing is going to kill your foot in a few minutes, unless you are a trained ballerina. If you are a trained ballerina then wear these instead;
  2. Start short and get taller. A two inch heel is entry level but I expect you to be settling in to three within a month. Never go higher than 4.5" if you want to walk more than 100m. Your calves will die. Higher heels are for parties where you are driven there and back and will eventuate in some handsome man carrying you through a doorway;
  3. Wear the heel with pants or jeans first. Often looking at the height of the heel will result in you thinking it is higher and more difficult than it actually is. Cover the shoe with cool pants or jeans and you won't think about it too much. Do not let the pants be longer than the shoe or you will fall and break something. Once you are confident in the height, wear it with skirts or dresses;
  4. Never walk cautiously in heels you are afraid of. It looks pathetic. Be comfortable in a shorter shoe and look confident instead.
Go. Wear beautiful high shoes and be gorgeous.



Gabfran said...

Oh yes - good advice indeed. Practice, practice and practice some more.

Also folks, never forget the power of the platform for ankle stabilisation.

LindaG said...

Also, it helps to remember to engage your "girl muscles" and calf muscles when stepping. Confidence is built on actually walking properly with your head held high, your shoulders back not hunched and your body erect not leaned forward. So many girls get this wrong and look like little old biddies with a bad case of osteoarthritis.

If you walk properly as I've described, you'll have killer legs in no time.