Saturday, 14 April 2007

The City of Roundabouts & Leaves

Saturdays are for sleeping in and late breakfasts.

Last Saturday was spent driving to Canberra to visit the fam.

I had time to take a solitary walk through the tree lined suburban streets of the national capital. There were not many people around. An irresponsible biker jumped the curb and nearly ran me down. His daddy stopped him before his tricycle could de-foot me. Damn 3 year olds! I also witnessed a drug deal "going down". That expression is also used by elevators [queue voice="elevator woman"] Going down [/queue]. There really were not many people around apart from bikers and drug dealers.

These pics best sum up my adventures...

Tree lined streets (note: no people)

Water tank from 1788 settlers (note: no people but drug deal was going down across the road)

Rare Canberra roundabout (note: no people in cars)

The Alexander Boyz (note: people standing like boy band)

Pweety Flower (note: gave up looking for alleged people)

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