Monday, 30 April 2007

Tick Tocking @ the Clock

The Clock is a pub on Crown St in Surry Hills. Go south, past Billy Kwongs (Kylie's restaurant) and bills, hold your breath as you journey by Indian Chilli (if you don't like damp dog smell) and cross the road to the big building with a clock on it.

Inside you will find a wall with clocks set to the time of different cities above booths that are inhabited by those small cochroaches that never seem to get too big. I have always wondered if it's a species of dwarf cockroach or if the bigger ones eat them before they get big, like crocodiles do to other crocs young. I am sure we all wonder that. What are baby crocodiles called? Crocettes or crocobabies are my suggestions, if some crazed taxonomic-categorising-freak hasn't already come up with it. If you are feeling like you can not sleep but want to, ask me why I dislike taxa trees.

Whatever! The Clock has good food and a relaxing atmosphere. The wine was ok too and at a good price. Of course there is the obligatory LCD TV playing sport and the remake of Planet of the Apes. "What is the difference?" I hear you ask. Not the point though. There is a cocktail bar upstairs and a restaurant serving decent pub food.

The picture is of the bar and it's giant Absolute Vodka bottle.

Should you try it? Yes, but don't sit in a booth. The bar stools at tables are the best bet for avoiding roaches. At least it smelt better than the wet dog place. Will I go back? Probably for a quick drink at the bar on the way to Pizza e Birra, which I am dying to try soon.

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