Friday, 20 April 2007

Midlife Crisis

Just like all the hip and happenin' kids are doing, I am like totally up on the things to do on the interblag. I've got a totally sic blog, a youtube channel and "my myspace sux". It is Jen-I'm not an emo-'s fault since she made her myspace private so future employers can't see all the photos of her breaking her phone. I had to join to be her friend to see the photos.

Even though I am a web monkey, it would be a full time job to get one of those myspaces to look half decent and even then the ads would still be blinking. Why is it that we killed the HTML ability to blink and the disease spread to the animated gif world? Who ever thought animated gifs would be a good idea ever?! I blame NASA. They are always putting out animated gifs of Mars landings and dust clouds around lobster nebula.

So what is my point? Oh, I remember. No matter how hard I try, I am still getting older and that's NASA's fault.