Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Worst Episode Ever!

Death visited our Dynalink ADSL2 modem router. That modem was terminal from the day we were wrongly given it by TPG, when we said we wanted some sort of Netcomm. They actually said "we'll sell you a Netcomm" but unfortunately, they never said they'd send it to us. Instead we were gifted with a waif of a comm-device Dynalink that died within 3 months - on Monday night.

Being without Internet access was a little daunting. Half a book was read and I had no idea what was going to be on TV. There were actually emails waiting in my inbox when I gmailed - shock of shocks! It was like sensory deprivation - BB white room type stuff.

Today in Chinatown, we bought a brand spanking new DLink modem router. Yay! There was little chance of us waiting over a week to get a replacement once we sent in the device to TPG and they checked it and then sent a new one out - jerks. Forget that! TPG is also history. Am looking at Optus or Internode now.

Thankfully, I am back online.

A friend asked me what on earth would happen if I had a thought and couldn't blog it, luckily we will never have to find out :o)

The new ADSL modem

The new modem on the router/firewall/wireless access point thingemy

As for this part of my life, it truly was the worst episode ever.

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