Monday, 7 April 2014

Omniscience and then Null

I once knew everything you thought or I was able to ask for it.
You handed it up on a plate and I plated mine up on hand.
You bled for me. I did not drop a single platelet.
You wanted to understand and I wanted to explain it all to you.

Then it stopped and not because of anything I could control.
You took away that access like it had never been there.
You boarded up the windows and put that part of you back in a box on the shelf.
You didn't want to understand but I still wanted to explain.

And I see you five days of seven.
And I look down like I have done something wrong but I haven't.
And I wonder what you think and imagine only the worst possible things.
You don't care to understand and the apathy shows clearly.

I once knew everything you thought but now I don't.
You no longer know I exist and maybe I don't.
You wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire and I am.
I want to understand but I never will.

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