Thursday, 3 May 2007

Where's the money Big Brother?! Where's the money?!

Big Brother has involved a lot of acts executed by the lowest form of bogan lifeforms in this country (and others). I watch it every season. It's one of those shows that always stops me changing the station. My main viewing would be Uplate. It's not quality but it is entertaining.

Tigger, the psychic goat was the most entertaining last year. The goat was given the photos of the nominated housemates and would go over and chew on one. That would be the housemate that the goat predicted would be evicted. There was also a psychic on the show who would use her alleged sixth sense and choose who would go next. The goat was usually right. The tally for last season saw the goat equal or winning against the psychic.

This season, there was the white room. A room that involved sensory deprivation and a big red button. The white roomer who stayed the longest and didn't press the red button went in to the BB house. It was an interesting idea but a total failure in psychology on the BB staff's part. No one cracked. They had to bribe them with money and play games to see who would win. The person who finally went was voted in by the housemates who were already in the house.

I think it was cruel and unusual punishment. It will prob make me stop watching BB. Sad, I know.

Just give me another look, I think it's down there somewhere.

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