Sunday, 13 May 2007


We spent Saturday morning on a lovely walk to the Paddington Markets. They are worth it even though it was a lot smaller than I expected and lacked large quantities of food. This is not due to me being misinformed but more to the fact that I grew up in Darwin where there are crafty markets, farmers markets and sunset markets and at each and every one there are copious amounts of hot, delicious food!

There were some really cute artists with great framed prints - not the pics of Sydney for the tourists or the three-set of roller painted canvases for trendy Paddy terraces but really kewl individual, original stuff. A lot of clothes too - from cheap and nasty to funky and pretty.

After the markets, we walked down off Oxford St and in to the suburb of Paddington. This must be the nursery of terraces... where they spawn from. Even one block away from the main street was quiet and relaxed. Locals with green canvas bags walked by beautiful terraces with their doors open, showing off polished wooden floors and neatly trimmed minature poodles (in black of course). It's a pretty part of town and if I can find myself a terrace with parking (yeah right) then that's where I'm aiming to buy in the next 18 months.

Giles outside a Paddington house with a white picket fence

A packet of cigarettes growing on a vine we passed


Anonymous said...

Having lived in Paddington for 4 years, I agree it a great place to live. Plenty of pubs, try the Royal at five ways, especially on ANZAC day, a great game of two-up.

David Keaveny said...

So that's where cigarettes come from. What are the chances of you finding a vine growing money in your wanderings?