Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Register this!

This is what you are required to bring to the RTA office in NSW, if you want to register a vehicle registered in another state. It is even more complicated if you accidentally, lazily let your rego lapse for about 3 weeks.
  1. A blue slip - which certifies that the state of NSW has forced you this year and every year, to be extorted by a registered mechanic in to verifying that your 4 year old car still road worthy. Dammit! It's German;
  2. A green slip - third party insurance obtained from one of the multitude of insurers who will cover you for compulsory third party. If you hit someone, you must be insured in order to pay for their health care. This is NOT the same thing as comprehensive car insurance;
  3. ACT drivers license - which must be changed to a NSW license - you need proof of your address;
  4. Proof of identity - your NSW drivers license and a credit card;
  5. Proof of address - your NSW drivers license or a lease will do;
  6. ACT license plates from the car - new ones will cost $34;
  7. Ownership papers - THE receipt that proves you bought the car;
  8. ACT registration renewal form - preferably one you have already paid (a past one); and
  9. All current owners of the car at the same time!

Yeah. Now you see why I'm being slack.


Sanson said...

Hmmm you neglect to mention the Pink Slip. I went through this exercise 6 years ago transferring my car Rego from ACT to NSW. I had to get a Pink, Blue and Greenslips. Maybe things have changed. I had to drive to Penrith to get my Blue slips as closer locations were all fully booked

You'll find that Rego now will be just Pink and Green slips

Mana said...

I called and spoke to them and it's blue and green slip. If pink slip is the proof of ownership then that's included too. It's all too hard.