Thursday, 3 May 2007

You are entering a world of pain!

As a good ENTJ, I can separate the emotions from the situation.

Choose the most logical choice.
Pick the rational route to the right path.

Today I resigned from my current job. While contracting, you just have to wait until the contract ends and not renew. Just for the record, I renewed all of my contracts at least once except for one (hint: think "a car crashed in to the fence but no trees were injured").

Telling my boss, who I like and respect, that I did not want to work for him anymore was pretty much the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time.

Ask me to find an impossible-to-find memory leak.
Ask me to write the optimal algorithm.
Ask me to teach a junior developer the best habits when updating thousands of records in production.

Most things would have been easier than this.

There is another job. It is a good one. It is an awesome job with a fracin' cool technology. I have spent a month and a half being bored out of my brains and trying to make fun out of not so fun job. Looking on the bright side and all that. The team I work with is one of the best groups I have ever worked with. It will suck to not be working with them more but...

... we all have to make the best career decisions though, right?


Adam said...

Go Mana. You have to go for the job that will actually interest you. Now you just have to get the coolest people from your old job to come over :-D
Hmmm. I need a new job soon. Hope this one is interesting... Or at least not in a basement.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job Mana!!!! Bek

David Keaveny said...

Come back! Who's going to remind me that it's time to get coffee? I guess you'll just have to set up a scheduled job to email/SMS me and the guys, otherwise we'll just go back to staring at our screens all day like the cute little zombies that we are!

Sanson Lowe said...

You will be sorely missed here. Who am I going to rant to? As a fellow ENTJ I empathise. Hope you have fun in the new job and remember us....occasionally.