Thursday, 21 June 2007

BlagWare 2007

Everyone has a list of top 100 websites that they can not live without. Here are mine...

micro-blogging on twitter
Twitter allows me to share my current activities and thoughts in microbursts.

blogging with blogger
Blogger makes it easy for me to share my new life in a new town with my family and friends.

read your feeds on google reader
Even the reading I do online is automatically gathered for me. It's the life.

community on facebook
A place to go to keep in touch with friends. It is different to blogging or reading blogs. It is more about communication.

emailing by gmail
This is where all that has happened, is happening and will ever happen in my life is recorded.

video on youtube
This is where my videos go and where I go to watch music, shows, people and stuff.

aggregate with netvibes
Much better than iGoogle. This is where I go to see the Interblag at one glance.

chatting with messenger
This is where everyone is during the work day. It's how we talk and arrange coffee.

That is it for 2007. Where do you spend your time online?

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