Tuesday, 12 June 2007

RTA = Return There Again

Update on the whole car registration situation.

We gathered up the dozens of millions of documents and all real bonafide absolute actual owners of the car and went to the RTA today. After waiting for 30 minutes for our ticket to be called (310 came after 011, 012, 01x where x is infinity, 307, 308, 110, etc...) the very helpful by-the-book woman behind the nice safe counter told us that she could not process two license changes and a registration because that added up to two transactions and ticket 310 wouldn't allow it. After looking in a pleading way at ticket 310, it stayed silent and lucky-she-was-behind-a-screen lady convinced me to get a new number and wait the turn to get my number called for a license transferral. I won't go through the way they count again.

Long story short - we try again tomorrow with the "exact address" on a bank statement or energy bill and a form signed by a GP telling them I am fit to drive a car (long story and not related to suspected mental illness that I know you are thinking about).

Wish us luck!

PS I am not Gollum. Us is Giles and I.

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