Monday, 4 June 2007


A guy built a catcam and discovered the secret life of cats.

Check out one of the four sets of photos his kitty took at the bottom of the page.


David Keaveny said...

Sorry Damana, the page has been pulled by the hosting company for violating terms of service! Care to describe what kitty was doing? Making new kitties? Miaowing the hacked keys for HD-DVD? Downloading plans for nuclear bombs? Writing third-party add-ins for Visual Studio Express?

Mana said...

A cat owner built a camera that took a series of photos at a regular interval and attached it to his cat's collar. The cat went on four separate journeys looking a snake, visiting other cats including a pretty girl one and other things you never knew they got up to. It was cool. Will try to find it again.

I think the site must have been taken down because he was selling the cameras.