Thursday, 14 June 2007

A Miracle at Christmas... or in June

I recently had a run in with VS.NET 2005 when I attempted to install it on a work machine. It did get to the state that I could work in it but the Help functionality would not... help at all.

After putting an extra 1GB of RAM in to the box and replacing the funky switch it was plugged in to, which sometimes would only allowing 0.5MB/minute (yes, minute) down, Help is now working!

The thing is that I wanted to use locally installed MSDN and not online Help but hitting F1 or choosing anything in the Help menu would crash the IDE. When I say crash - it would stall and do nothing forever (I left it one night and it was still dead when I returned the next day).

Why is VS.NET 2005 insisting on going out to the 'blag if I've already specified my preference for a local MSDN?

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