Thursday, 28 June 2007

Whoa Man... Whoa!

Jen is off to the US and then the UK in the next few weeks. Mei and I decided to take her out for food, drink and an opportunity to sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on George Street.

During dinner, I dropped three eggs that were thrown at me, Jen was hit in the eye with a warm omelette and Mei managed to catch her fried rice even while not being able to put her feet on the egg covered floor. I highly DO NOT recommend I Chi Ban. Thank goodness the company was awesome!

Jen + I with the fallout from the I Chi Ban jerk of a Tepanyaki chef

Mei about to chopstick Jen

A message from the chef but we got the message

After a dinner that was saved by required consumption of riesling, we went on the Zeta Bar at the Hilton. A reasonable amount of cocktails were consumed. Mei scored us a great little sitting area after only one drink at the bar. After that we settled in for the night. Phone calls were received (sorry Rock for the hostage situation) and statistical questions were answered (throw the dice as much as you want but throwing one six does not mean the second six is more probable).

Mei + Jen in deep cocktail-induced discussion

Taking a photo of ourselves

Someone else took a photo of us

The resulting graze from the fall I took in the middle of Wentworth on the way home. You should see the other guy!

Not long before we decided to head home

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ai-ai said...

Looks like you girls have so much fun! Lol! Wish I was there too! :)