Wednesday 8 August 2007

Day 9 - No Damana! No!

You might be wondering where day 0 - 8 went, well ask anyone who goes cold turkey and they'll tell you that those days zoom by before consciousness hits!

I have not had a cup of coffee for 9 days.

For the first few days, there were headaches and grumpiness. Then came the odd feeling of my brain waking up on its own in the morning... that was about day 5. Now, after three nights of sleeplessness (not sure what induced this) I am sitting at my wage slave desk and wondering how the hell people stay awake without coffee.

If you have any tips, please let me know. Do not suggest I drink coffee.


Sanson Lowe said...

I did a detox last year that involved no coffee. The first 10 days were tough but around day 14 things get much better. It usually depends how bad your coffee habit was prior to breaking the coffee cycle.

I am now unfortunately back to 1 cup per day and like you feel irritable without it. Hang in there Mana.

Damana Madden said...

Thanks Sanson. Yours is the most constructive comment so far. The alternative addictions offered to me by others have not tempted me.

If someone brought me a coffee... that might be another story.

Georgina said...

So what has prompted this no coffee phase? I gave up coffee for lent a few years ago and I found that if you avoid it all together (i.e. not even smelling the stuff) that worked as I kind of just forgot about it.

There is of course the need to have a nice warm beverage, so I would suggest that you explore teas. Some of my favs are white tea, jasmine and vanilla black tea.

Good luck with it all.