Sunday 26 August 2007

Malaysia Fest

Today, I continued my quest to find the perfect chicken satay like the ones I use to get at the Palmerston Markets when I lived Darwin. In search of the grail, I made my way down to Darling Harbour to Malaysia Fest.

Malaysia Fest is organised by Malaysian students in Sydney. The main stage was being run by two very enthusiastic students (a guy and girl) who presented a Malay wedding ceremony, a formal thank you march and a competition that involved members of the audience attempting to tie a traditional Malay male costume (like a sarong). It was fun and entertaining and luckily I avoided being plucked from the crowd when I pleaded that I was still eating my "chicken sticks"TM.

Malay "chicken sticks" - quest rating 1/10

Formal thank you ceremony after the Malay wedding

Not too crowded so there was lots of space to sit and relax in the lovely Sydney sun

Don't let me fool you with my references to non-food stuffs. I was there for the food and I tried most of the stalls except the crazy looking drink stall that sold drinks containing coffee, guarana and a lot of other stimulants all in one brightly coloured can. I chose to avoid the sugar coma today. These were food stalls offering Malaysian cuisine like satay, Chinese yum cha, laksa, noodles, fish ball sticks ($3 per stick), crab balls (4 for $6) and a big bunch of other stuff that I am not able to identify. It was all great quality and very cheap. Reminded me of the $5 dinners at the markets in Darwin but minus the sandflies.

An interesting sticky rice with soy sauce and gigantic pork bun

I love pork buns!

The Ayam show bag for $6. Reminded me of what we ate in PNG

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