Friday 3 August 2007

Bourbon Blind Taste Test

On Friday at my workplace, there was a very classy competition to determine the best bourbon and cola pre-mixed drink available. Our chief scientist Martin purchased (for the company) 6 different types of bourbon + cola and designed a blind taste test.

7 participants drank and ranked and also guessed the brands. It was all kind of random and I believe the outcome was that people came out liking the bourbon they thought they liked and also came out drunk. I participated as an impartial judge since the smell of bourbon reminds me of a Darwin nightclubs as they are closing for the night - yuck! I drank about 12 sips (2 of each).

Martin starts preparing

Cups were labeled with letter A- F

Martin was quite enthusiastic

42 cups in all

The different drinks involved

The rating form

Wondering why I agreed to do this

42 samples

Peter + Martin take tastings very seriously

Zoltan had water to clear his palette

Shani, the impartial judge and setter upperer

Discussing the outcome


Giles said...

The view out your office windows is just ridiculous. We're supposed to be trolls in dark dungeons. Where did these sweeping expanses of beautiful, sunlit harbour come from?

Unknown said...

Yeah, when do you start having water front view instead of Lunar park?! Outlandish. can you smell the envy blown all the way from St lenoards? :p