Friday 17 August 2007

A Prime Year is 31

An impromptu gathering was organised by Mei on Friday evening to celebrate my 31st birthday. It is not usual for me to celebrate birthdays that are prime numbers so it was a small yet rowdy crowd who turned up for drinks at Sydney's awesomest cocktail bar, the Hilton's Zeta Bar.

Mei attacking Giles

Talking with the newly engaged Liz + Jules

My usual drinking buddies, the gorgeous and funtabulous Mei and Irene

A wall decoration at the Zeta Bar

Chiara who sang karaoke at my 30th, joined me again for this birthday


The bar food is really good and the service is great!

Everyone but me (taking pic)

We were tired at this point :)

The girlies

Thanks guys. Thanks Mei. It was a fun night!

PS David K was here but left before the drunken camera came out.


David Keaveny said...

Yes, sorry about having to split before the party really got started. Or did it only really get started once I'd gone? Oh well, at least I got to hang out with some cool people on a Friday night, rather than sitting on a train crammed in with dozens of tired sweaty commuters.

Can't say I was too excited by the vodka martini, but the margherita was pretty top notch. I guess it's my birthday next, when I reach the magic age of *whispers* 34.

Sanson Lowe said...

Glad you had a great time. Would have been great to be there. Oh well I guess it'll have to wait for next year :D oh and happy birthday from one old git to another...oh wait David K is the really old git. *ducks*