Thursday 23 August 2007

My Starbucks Name

When I go to Starbucks, they insist on taking my name so that they can pretend to know me when they call out that my coffee is ready.

This used to result in a ridiculous outcome every time. I'd give my name, they'd write down their version of it and the next fool would call out some other interpretation of it. It was chinese whispers when I was happy to be called "a tall latte with skim". That's much better than Dana, Rachel, Alana, Damian, Daryl and my favourite... Dot (not sure if it just said "." or actually had "Dot" written on it).

My solution to this is to create a new and easy to write and read name. It's never the same: sometimes I'm Jess or Sam or Felicity, once Tinkerbell (no double take, she wrote it down and he called it out), another time I was Bunny but often I just stick with one that works without fail... Dot.


Georgina said...

I really can sympathise with you on this one. 'Joyanna' was just about the weirdest one that I got.

I really hate how they call out your name, I don't mind if all the coffee person knows me as is number 5.

Sanson Lowe said...

Try Sanson, Samson, Simpson, Simon and my favourite Soloman. Only if I were that wise.

At Starbucks, I am Sam.

Unknown said...

I am sad to hear this but your solution is great. Love the 'Tinkerbell'.

Rindo has a similar problem and he has about 40 versions of his name from Ringo to Rondo.
Of course, my 'special' name is Carl (for Col) :o) From now it will be Steve (well I work in IT and everybody in IT is called Steve).

Dad (aka Steve)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Next time I will try Damana.

Richard M.