Thursday, 1 November 2007

Indian Snack Food

You all know what I'm like when I'm bored, I shop! This time it was a hunt for the true Indian snack. This is my haul from the shop around the corner in the Diamond District, where we are bunking down on this trip. The grand total was around 300 Rs, which is under A$10. The Indian guys later teased me a lot about buying Evian water because I could have bought 9 bottles of normal bottled water for the same price. It was named "princess water" and I gave it up so they'd stop teasing me :) Most of this food was shared on the bus ride to the trek we did and with random other people at immersion.

The whole lot

These are normal wafer biscuits

The banana chips are savoury and very salty and not like the sweet dried banana we have in Oz

It's hard to describe this - think of a marshmallow sandwiched in cake and coated in chocolate

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David Keaveny said...

Mmmm, Choco Pie. I wouldn't say it's particularly Indian, most of the Asian (read: Chinese/Japanese) supermarkets in Sydney will stock it. It's a slightly softer and thicker version of the Wagon Wheel, if you want another way of describing it.