Friday, 2 November 2007


On our Saturday off, the immersion group were up at 7am and off to a trek somewhere. I say somewhere because I didn't take note of the place and there isn't anyone around to ask today :) It was about 2 hours out of Bangalore near some bush and lots of giant monolithic rocks. The area was gorgeous. There was a 7km hike to a lake and then back.

Everyone kept asking if I was ok to try "rappalling" and I said "sure", not knowing but thinking it was another Indian experience I was yet to try. The best advice I can give anyone is that if you don't know what you're being offered, then ASK! You'll see me "rappalling" further down in the pics...

Bright + early before the bus ride

On the bus about to leave

One of the temples we visited where we were blessed and gave a donation

An elephant statue outside the temple

Sitting on a rock having a rest while they tie the ropes. "What ropes?" I wonder

Sumeet is telling us about how we are like a story with five husbands + one wife and I'm about to push him off the cliff

I found out that "rappalling" is repelling about five mins before this pic was taken

Further down and surprisingly enough, I'm not screaming

I survived!

Schumacher was our adopted dog guide

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