Saturday, 24 November 2007

2007 TorchWood Christmas Party

Saturday night was the a night of big celebrating for several huge reasons. Firstly, it was the Thoughtworks Sydney + Brisbane 2007 Christmas party which was held on boat called the Vagabond Princess on the harbour. The second reason is that Australia tossed out that bloody tyrant gnome John Howard in such a final way that he will not be showing his nasty little face around here forever more. Yay!

Sitting down for dinner

The Christmas party was 5 hours on a harbour cruise with Brazilian dancers, laser shooting and lots of drunk ThoughtWorkers :) It was fun! The food was good. The shooting was fun even though I didn't hit a thing and the people were lovely.

Boys shootin' stuff

The obligatory conga line

I'm Queen of the world! Thanks to Giles for helping me break in to this area of the boat

Giles with the city in the background

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