Monday, 19 November 2007

Where have all the flowers gone?

Lately and many times in the past, I have often been asked why there are very few female software developers working in IT. It seems like a hard question to answer but I am not convinced that it is as difficult to explain as it is a hard thing to say.

How can you answer this question if asked by a man and not sound like you are placing blame? If asked by a woman (who is not a dev) then it's hard to say that you think there are many reasons but they sound like male-bashing. The thing is that it is not about men but they are a major factor - actively or not.

One thing I am very sad to see happening over and over again is female software developers leaving their career as a developer to either go somewhere else in IT like project management or becoming a business analyst; or in the worst case leaving IT all together. It is not because they are not good devs. There are more women leaving development work than joining it, from my point of view and I think it is time the reasons for these moves are discussed. I will not mention names this time but I hope other women speak up.

There are several areas I would like to explore of the next few posts that address this serious loss in my profession.

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